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We work at the Pleasure of the Board of Directors, Setting and Enforcing Community Policies.

If you own property in a condominium, townhome or newer single-family home community, your community is likely governed by a Homeowners Association, or HOA. Your HOA is governed by an elected Board of Directors, comprised of owners who have volunteered to serve your community.

Your HOA is responsible for your community’s operations and common areas, as well as for creating the CC& Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions) – the comprehensive policies and rules you and your fellow homeowners must follow to maintain your community’s curb appeal, quality of life and property values.

Many HOAs hire a professional association management company to properly and effectively leverage their expertise to handle day-to-day operations, perform ongoing maintenance duties and communicate with residents. In addition, the association management company is responsible for executing on all Board decisions and ensuring that all homeowners comply with the CC&Rs and adhere to state condominium statutes.

Sometimes, however, homeowners confuse the roles and responsibilities of their HOA Board and their association management company, especially when it comes to community rule enforcement. Despite what many homeowners think, your association management company does not set any policies or rules pertaining to your community, nor does it determine the penalties for non-compliance. Rather, the management company’s responsibility is to enforce the community policies and regulations made by your Board of Directors on behalf of your HOA.

Association management companies partner with your board to optimize property values and ensure harmonious living environments for you and your neighbors.

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